Class Leaders

Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another
to show love and to do good.  Let us not give up the
habit of meeting together... Instead,
let us encourage one another all the more....  

Hebrews 10:24-25

The Class System is the heart of Methodism. It is the system that enables the pastor and the congregation to remain a closely knit and warm church family, and to care, attend, encourage and communicate throughout the church.  It especially assists in letting the Pastor know those who are sick, have a need for special prayer, need a visit or call, has something to celebrate, or host of other matters.  A "class" is made up of 5 or more disciples, with one disciple designated as the "Class Leader". Disciples are assigned to a class by the pastor and can only be changed with the pastor's approval.
Married Couples

What are the duties of a class leader?

  1. Should contact members of the class (disciples) at least once a month. Contact maybe at church, by phone or visit. Purpose of contact is to see how each disciple is doing encourage them, pray for them, inform them of activities and work of the church, seek their support of the ministry and mission of the church, attendance at services or programs and to keep them abreast of needs, achievements, etc. of other disciples in the class or ministerial staff.
  2. Hold a class meeting once a month. At the class meeting new disciples to the class should be introduced, updates on church activities given, time of study or discussion on a given subject or a time of fellowship. Creativity is essential to building and having a strong and effective class.
  3. Visit or call disciples in the class who are sick, confined or in need of spiritual care, direction or prayer.
  4. To notify the pastor of disciples who are sick, hospitalized, loss of loved one or who needs a call or visit from the pastor.
  5. To inform the pastor of those who are inconsistent in their attendance, who are disorderly in their Christian walk and are divisive to the Body of Christ.
  6. To be available to disciples for prayer and other means of grace which build up and strengthen each other.

What are the Responsibilities
of a Class Member?

  1. To attend and participate in worship weekly.
  2. To maintain contact with your class leader. It is not only the class leaders responsibility to contact class members, but also class members responsibility to contact class leader.
  3. To attend monthly class meetings. Class meetings are crucially important and every effort should be made to attend them. They help disciples to get to know each other, to build relationships, provide fellowship and stay informed about activities and work of the church.
  4. To notify your class leader if you are sick, entering the hospital, have loss of a loved one, need prayer or have a need requiring the leader's attention. The class leader cannot know what they are not told.
  5. Notify you class leader FIRST if you are experiencing any of the above mentioned factors and then notify the office.
  6. Give ideas for your class and church to your class leader.
  7. Pray daily for your pastor, ministerial staff, class and church.
  8. Help to make your class the best it can be.

How will we implement a
“Class System” at CCAME?

We will recruit persons who can serve as class leaders, who do not mind opening their homes once per month to host a class.  If that leader does not feel comfortable leading the lesson, a minister will be partnered with them.
Class Leaders will participate in a training in late December, and will receive a curriculum for their first four months of meetings.

Each Class will select a name “Faith Walkers”, “Giant Slayers” , etc. and will create T-Shirts that represent their group.

Church Members living in close vicinity to “Class Leaders” will be encouraged to join the group closest to them.

Each Class will seek to encourage non-church members to attend their class meetings, in hopes of inviting them to the larger church.

Class Leaders will meet Quarterly with the Pastor

What are our Expectations for this Class Leader System at CCAME?
Create a more unified Church Body

Train class members to be Disciples of Jesus Christ through practical teaching at monthly meetings

Increase Awareness and Involvement in Church Activities

Support for sick, bereaved, and absent members

Reach more people for Jesus Christ, and for membership at CCAME.

When Do We Envision Beginning our Class System?  How many Classes
January or February 2020
7-10 Classes

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